Budget Home Decoration

Budget Home Decoration


Sprucing up home decor need not require a second home mortgage. Nor does it mean being reduced to using box crates for end tables, either. First off, get a clear idea on what you would like to do. Begin browsing decorating magazines. Clip and file favourite pictures and ideas. Establish a plan that fits your style. Remember, the one person who has to love it is you. As ideas form, frequent fabric stores, thrift stores and yard sales for items. This is an ongoing project that needs to be developed slowly, especially if you want to save money.



Paint is the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to freshen up a home. Instead of just applying a flat paint, experiment with sponge or ragging techniques. A faux marble or parchment will provide a rich textured appearance to a drab room. Tape off wide stripes and paint on different shades of the same colour. Add a border using stencils or stamping. Paint one wall a brilliant accent colour and the others neutral.


Art Work

Art can be costly, though sometimes great buys can be found at flea markets, thrift stores or yard sales. Another way to display unusual art is to frame old maps, or pictures from botanical books found at the used bookstore. Set in a pretty frame, they look like art purchased in home decorating shops. Spruce up old photos with colourful paper or fabric that coordinates with the room. Find unique frames at yard sales that have been damaged, and cover up imperfections with paint or gold leafing. Art brings interest to walls and will tie the colours in a room together.


Fabric Flourishes

Fabric brings warmth and colour to neutral furniture and walls. Shop around for clearance sales and frequently check the discount bins for great deals. Another options is to search thrift stores for sheets, blankets and quilts that can be remade into tablecloths, pillows and window coverings. Use cheap muslin, burlap or cotton material and add a border of decorative fabric to make curtains. Do you have some old sweaters or clothing that you love but can’t wear anymore? If they match your decor plans, turn them into fashionable pillows or lamp shades.


Add Accessories

Yard sales, flea markets and your parents’ attic are fantastic places to find unusual items to add accent to a room. Think “out of the box” and see what old items can be repurposed for a new retro use, such as turning a bird cage into an office mail and supply organiser. An assorted collection of bright, festive dishware set on a shelf or window sill or hung on the wall can make the kitchen sparkle. Candles, baskets and small statues are often found at dollar stores. Plants are also a great way to uplift neutral rooms.









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