Organizing Your Living Rooms: Ideas & Tips

Organizing Your Living Rooms: Ideas & Tips

Organizing Your Living Rooms: ideas & tips

Organizing Living Rooms

There are many solutions to decorate your living room: buy unusual lamps and pieces of furniture, floor vases and put the clock to fill the aquarium goldfish, etc. The main thing – do not put so many things in it. There is something to think about decorating living rooms…
An unusual chandelier:

Organizing Living Rooms Organizing Living Rooms Organizing Living Rooms
Modern fixtures themselves can be a home decoration, style-forming element act. Carefully approach the choice of “striking” design sconces and chandeliers, for example, in the interior of the country, misplaced crystal ornaments. Making your living room should be symphonic – try to match the color shade color solution with the common rooms.

             Organizing Living RoomsOrganizing Living Rooms
The light from the floor and walls:
Remember, lamps are not only wall-mounted and desktop; they find a decent place on the floor! This brings zest to the design of the living room. Light sources located in the floor or on a low wall, creating a mysterious, intimate atmosphere in the living room.
Original models and lighting:

Organizing Living Rooms Organizing Living Rooms
It’s simple to decorate the living room with furniture: buy a thing that attracts the attention of not less attention than its contents. The unusual design course would be to use a contrasting color scheme: try to hang, for example, a bright red light shelves on the blank wall. Of interest are the models “with a twinkle”, on the lighted shelf can be stored as the old tomes and cute souvenirs.
Changes for the better:
Shape lounge you can change – in mood or change of seasons. This will help your hangings, for example, the chairs can be put on covers of different colors, and then hang on the windows are dark and heavy, the bright and light curtains. With the textile easily change the style of interior: tighten the leather furniture with a cloth in a cage, and ethno-lounge will turn into a version of country music.

Organizing Living Rooms Organizing Living Rooms
Striking clock is the main element of the living room decor can be a grandfather clock. High as the closet, they perfectly fit into the classic interior. But remember that the clock is a very delicate mechanism, and it should not be moved.
Vases and pots can be put on the floor and tables. By itself, the beautiful and unusual vase has a decoration of the interior. Vases should not be empty in anticipation of the bouquet, place it in pots with a potted plant. And please note that the vase height should be less than 40 cm will not look on the floor – it has to be put on a shelf or rack. The same can be said of the pots with low vegetation.
Aquarium made or without water – If you cannot choose one of the ready-made models from a huge range of products offered by manufacturers, it is always possible to order any size aquarium on an individual project. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, you can avoid putting fishes. Water with decorative algae looks interesting.

Organizing Living RoomsOrganizing Living Rooms
Souvenirs should place wisely. Often cute little things from far away do not decorate, and litter the interior. Find them a place to become a full part of the decor. Collect interior compositions: a transparent top coffee table on a separate shelf between books on the bookshelf. Create memories islands, united by a common idea. For example, collect all the shells and pebbles in a fish tank, and “settle” it next to the ship in a bottle, a scrap of rope and your own photos on the beach.

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